Payment Guide

You can pay in almost any way that you'd like to.

After you've decided what you'd like to buy, add the item into cart "Add to cart" on the product page of an item, then on your cart page press "Check Out" and then follow the instructions and fill in the information.

When you come to payment section, choose how you'd like to pay;

1) Our most efficiently used payment method is Stripe. That means you can pay with credit & debit cards;
American Express
Diner's Club

2) The other method we're using is Paypal Express. You can either login into your Paypal account or pay as a guest. 

In some countries you can see "Pay as a Guest", but for most of the world it won't show due to paypal default settings. In that case if it doesn't show, you can click on "Create account" and instead of creating account you'll get redirected to pay with a credit/debit card.
If you're having any troubles with payment methods, please contact us on e-mail and describe your problem.



Viking Dock Team