Tyr - the Norse God of War and Justice

Artistic representation of Norse god Tyr the god of war and justice



Rules over:

Battle, Courage, Swords




Sword, Axe

Linked Animals:



Odin (Father) and or Hymir, Mother Unknown

1/2 Siblings:

Possibly Baldur, Thor and More

Greek Similar:


Roman Similar:



God of battle, courage and swords

Tyr is a member of the Aesir clan of Norse gods, holding the mantles of god of war and god of justice. He has been equated to the Roman god, Mars, the receiver of human sacrifice.

There is some debate over who Tyr’s father was, it was initially thought to be Odin, but it has also been alleged that he was the son of the giant Hymir. Nothing is known about Tyr’s mother however. Tyr is widely regarded as being the bravest of the gods, as it was he who volunteered to place his own hand into the mouth of the giant wolf Fenrir as a gesture of good faith, when the monstrous wolf was having chains applied to bind him. Tyr ended up losing his right hand in the process, which ironically is what he is best known for. The only other god which we know off who willingly sacrificed their body for the greater good was Odin, when he gouged out his own eye to gain wisdom, knowledge and enlightenment from a magic well.

At one point, Tyr was the leader of the Norse pantheon, but was later displaced by Odin and fell into somewhat relative obscurity.