Thor: The Dark World - Drinking Game

Banner image of Thor drinking with his friends in Asgard


Movie Summary

In ancient times, the legendary Asgardian army fought and won a war against an evil race known as the Dark Elves. The survivors were neutralized, and their ultimate weapon, the Aether was taken and buried in a secret location. Hundreds of years later, Jane Foster finds the Aether and becomes its hostess, forcing the god of thunder to bring her to Asgard before the dark elf Malekith captures her and uses the weapon to destroy the Nine Realms, including Earth.

Game requirements

  • Thor 2 (2013).
  • A godly amount of alcohol.
  • A Viking tankard.
  • Friends (ideally).

Take 1 drink when someone says.

  • Thor or Jane
  • Aether
  • A person travels through a portal

Take 2 drinks when.

  • Thor throws or spins Mjolnir.
  • You see lightning.
  • Thor flips a table.

Take 3 drinks when.

  • Stan Lee cameo.
  • You must be truly desperate to come to me for help.

Always remember to have fun and drink responsibly, unless you’re a god, then obviously drink like a god!

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