Thor Movie (2011) Drinking Game

Photo of Thor and Professor Erik Selvig drinking beer in bar

Movie Summary

This movie occurs in phase one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and features the debut performance of the MCU’s strongest avenger, the mighty God of thunder, Thor Odinson. As the son of Odin, the king of the Norse Gods, Thor is set to ascend to the throne of Asgard and commence his glorious reign over the nine realms, that is until the magical city is invaded by  a small brigade of frost giants (who coincidentally are not completely dissimilar in appearance to the white walkers seen in a Game of Thrones) which throws an enchanted mystical hammer into the works (please forgive the pun), robbing Thor of what is sure to be the most important moment in his life and triggering a cascade of incredible events to follow.

Game requirements

  • Thor (2011).
  • A godly amount of alcohol.
  • A Viking tankard.
  • Friends (ideally).

Take 1 drink when someone says.

  • Thor or Odin
  • Odinson or Allfather
  • Frost giant

Take 2 drinks when.

  • Thor throws or spins Mjolnir.
  • You see lightning.
  • Thor is hit by Jane’s car.
  • Thor flips a table.

Take 3 drinks when.

  • Stan Lee cameo.
  • I like this drink, another!

Make your ancestors proud and finish your drink alongside Thor and Dr Selvig when they down their boilermakers!

Always remember to have fun and drink responsibly, unless you’re a god, then obviously drink like a god. If you feel inspired to develop the body rivalling that of a god, then why not check out our post-lockdown gym plan, guaranteed to get the blood pumping!